3 Places Online to Find Remodel Inspiration

The kitchen is easily the most important room in the home which means you need a kitchen that fits your family’s style and functions well for them too. Several years ago, a kitchen remodel would force you into a brick and mortar store for ideas, but the evolution of the internet means you can get many more ideas online than can be found in-store. Let’s look at some of the more popular online avenues you should check out for your remodel inspiration.

Here Are Three Places Online to Find Kitchen Remodel Inspiration


Pinterest is an excellent web resource for projects and redesign ideas for every facet of your life – including for kitchen remodels. One simple Pinterest search can show you what hundreds of other kitchen redesigners did for their kitchens and is a great resource for fresh ideas and ways to think outside of the box.

Pinterest offers an additional advantage of not being pigeon-holed to one brand or style so you can see all possible options, not just designs that a branded website carries. Every kitchen remodel should begin with a serious browsing of Pinterest for inspiration.

Home Improvement Websites

You can use home improvement websites for ideas for your remodel. This includes branded traffic from websites like Lowe’s or Home Depot as well as non-branded sites like This Old House, Porch, and Angie’s List.

These types of websites offer several ideas, product guides, and themes while also allowing you to move forward in your kitchen remodel by hiring contractors or looking at styles that are recommended by the site. These sites offer theme and color ideas as well as frequently asked questions and additional resources so you can get help with more than only picking out design elements.

Local Online Outlets

Most towns feature a kitchen and bath remodeling outfit and these local outlets also offer online help. You can hop online and browse your local kitchen remodel’s outlet and jot down a short list of features, appliances, and colors you want to see in person. Like home improvement websites, local websites can also extend their help past ideas and help you with the actual remodel job or can assist in-person in choosing design elements and ideas.

There are several online avenues for kitchen remodels, but the most resourceful websites are local online outlets, home improvement website, and the craft and design mega site Pinterest. There are many other online kitchen remodel idea platforms but these three are full of ideas and resources that will get your remodel up to speed.